Throughout her legal career, Anna Mae Perillo has maintained involvement in a number of organizations and teaching positions. A graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick, Anna Mae Perillo attended law school at the Seton Hall University School of Law, where she received the Evidence Award and graduated with high marks, in the top three percent of her graduating class.

Anna Mae Perillo now owns a legal practice in Red Bank, New Jersey, where she specializes in family law, specifically divorce mediation and collaborative law. This affords her the opportunity to provide her clients with alternative methods of resolving divorce matters, in which couples actively work together to find mutually agreeable terms of separation. In Anna Mae Perillo’s experience, this has proven much easier on all involved parties as opposed to subjecting entire families to the adversarial nature of litigating in Court. In her practice, children come first. Her goal is also to cut costs of divorce drastically while at the same time providing a safe and comfortable place for couples to work out all of the issues they need to for their divorce. Divorce can be difficult, but the methods used by Anna Mae Perillo allow the family to move forward in a dignified manner, protecting the children as well as the family finances.

The desire to provide couples involved in the divorce process with a civil atmosphere motivated Anna Mae Perillo to help found the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group, (JSCLG), an organization that brings together professionals in such fields as law, mental health, and finance to aid the divorcing couple. Currently an active member of the JSCLG as well as the Two Rivers Chapter of this group. Anna Mae Perillo also advocates in favor of the Collaborative method through such associations as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She is an accredited member of New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.

In addition to representing clients in the mediation process, Anna Mae Perillo lends her legal acumen to the Civil Division of the New Jersey Superior Court, handling a variety of personal injury cases and acting as an Arbitrator and Mediator in contract and auto accident cases for more than 15 years. Anna Mae Perillo also teaches in several capacities, including mediation training classes. Previously, she taught paralegal studies at Monmouth University, and currently she is a member of the adjunct faculty in the Writing Department at Brookdale Community College.


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